Snapchat Spectacles let you augment what you see with relevant

Companies are taking different approaches with head mounted computers. Virtual reality, as provided by our Windows 10 MR devices or Facebook’s Oculus Rift, largely blocks out the real world, immersing the user in a completely digital world. Google Glass, for example, projects information onto your eyeglasses. Snapchat Spectacles let you augment what you see with relevant content and filters. HoloLens provides access to mixed reality in which the users can navigate both their current location interact with people in the same room and a remote environment while also manipulating holograms and other digital objects. At astonishing rates, data is being gathered and made available thanks to the exponential growth of cameras and sensors in our everyday life. AI needs data to learn. The cloud has made tremendous computing power available to everyone, and complex algorithms can now be written to discern insights and intelligence from the mountains of data.

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